Sacramento is right for your business!

Sacramento is an irresistible choice for your business. Its geography, qualified workforce, lower cost of living, access to government, quality of life, amenities and culture are all key ingredients that make Sacramento a place to be. Sacramento is California’s state capital and a growing metropolitan region.

Sacramento is home to thousands of small- to mid-sized businesses, and the City of Sacramento Economic Development Department diligently works to ensure businesses thrive. Small businesses are vital to the local economy because they are innovative, flexible, and strongly tied to the community more than 80% of Sacramento’s business establishments have less than 50 employees.


Sacramento is a transportation hub, served by an air cargo airport, an international airport, a deep-water shipping port, two major Interstate freeways, freight and passenger rail lines, and an extensive regional commuter bus and light-rail system.

Central Location

Sacramento is closer to Lake Tahoe than any other California metropolitan area, has extraordinary accessibility to the legendary Napa Valley wine region, and is in close proximity to national parks and seashores.

Culture & History

Sacramento is a cultural and recreational destination graced with an orchestra, professional opera and ballet companies, bustling museum community, professional sports, and numerous sporting and recreational activities.

Government & Education

Sacramento is center of decision-making because the Capitol and the numerous government agencies located downtown. In addition, Sacramento has five community colleges, private institutions for higher education, and more than 160 vocational programs.